Urinary incontinence, take control and get your life back…

Urinary incontinence, the involuntary leakage of urine, is often underdiagnosed and undertreated. Nearly half of all women will experience some form of urinary incontinence during their lives. It is a common problem and can negatively affect physical and emotional well-being in patients. As a physician, I see many women dealing with the inconvenience and embarrassment… Read More

Recognizing inequality in access to reproductive healthcare and helping to close the gap

Reproductive health is more than family planning. The ability to plan if and when to have children is fundamental to the health of women and critical to the equal functioning of women in society. Access to reproductive healthcare is important to help women have autonomy and become fully engaged in every aspect of society. There… Read More

Zika, an overview

Vector-borne diseases are one of the greatest contributors to human mortality and morbidity in tropical areas. Over the past two decades, vector-borne diseases have spread globally at an increased rate. This is mainly related to population movements, climate change, deforestation and rapid unplanned urbanization creating the perfect conditions for mosquitoes and the virus they carry… Read More